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iq System

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BYOD Solution

iOS/Android Supported



In keeping with the IDK’s Pro-AV solutions to address a broad variety of market verticals that include: Education, Corporate, Entertainment, and Government applications we have developed iqSystem. The control system follows IDK’s vertically integrated corporate structure where the entire IDK team operates closely together, encouraging both a spirit of inter-departmental cooperation and the ability to collaborate on our continuing pursuit of excellence.

iqSystem follows this same approach in working with entire product portfolio. From your iOS or Android device, you have the ability to interact with the devices on the network. iqSystem is available as a simple interface for BYOD (bring your own device) applications or as front end to the complete system management (controlling multiple devices) with access to the full menu of options within the specified device.

Available as an app from popular and easily accessible web stores, iqSystem is included with our most popular products and has the ability to be customized for your application.

With our in-house production facilities, IDK can meet emerging market demands for additional features and enhanced performance more quickly than other Pro-AV equipment manufacturers.

IDK’s advanced R&D team develops and applies new and emerging technologies to drive the product design process.