Multi-Window Video Processor

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Resolution up to 1080p/QWXGA

Up to 4 Picture-in-Picture

Flexible multiview layout patterns

9 x 1 Truly Seamless Switcher

The IDK ICP-9401 Four Window Multi-Window Processor is a powerful, high-resolution graphics processor that enables the simultaneous display of four images on a single screen. The ICP-9401 can also be used as a truly seamless presentation switcher, with 5 digital (HDMI) and 4 analog inputs, complete with cut, dissolve and wipe switching effects (while not using multi-window). Input video signals (HDMI, DVI, Composite, S-Video, analog RGB or analog YPbPr) can be converted to resolutions up to QWXGA (2048×1536), including 1080p (1920×1080).

Audio inputs 1-5 are switch selectable between embedded digital audio and analog audio (RCA). Audio is output in both digital and analog formats, with the ability to adjust sound levels on both inputs and outputs. Audio and video gaps can be compensated for by using the unit’s lip sync adjustments

The ICP-9401 also features a built in scan converter, seamless switching and aspect ratio controls ensuring it is a complete AV switching and distribution solution.