IP-NINJAR Dante Audio Bridge interface

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SDVoE from/to Dante Bridge

Up to 4 stream/8 ch Audio

Dante Audio embedding

Dante Audio de-embedding

The NJR-AB08DAN is an audio bridge interface that converts audio signal protocols between IP-NINJAR and Dante networks. The NJR-AB08DAN converts audio packet on the IP-NINJAR network into the suitable Dante packets and vice versa for routing signals efficiently to the correct destination. It supports up to 8×8 audio I/O channels.

▪ Transcode Audio signal between IP- NINJAR (SDVoE) and Dante protocol
▪ Receives up to four (4) audio streams from IP-NINJAR transmitters and output as Dante protocol up to eight (8) channels
▪ Receives up to 8 channel Dante audio from Dante devices and output as IP-NINJAR (SDVoE) protocol up to four (4) audio streams
▪ Dante audio embedded on HDMI signal at IP-NINJAR receiver
▪ Dante audio de-embedded to analog audio signal at IP-NINJAR receiver